Bicycle Wheel Windmill/Alternator/Generator


Click on the image above to view the video (approx. 5 meg.)


This is a simple demonstration windmill / alternator /generator.


The duct tape on the bicycle wheel spokes are the vanes.

Two stacks of magnets are attached to the rim 180 degrees apart on the rim of the wheel.

The stacks are opposite in polarity.One stack has the magnetic North pole facing away from the center, while the other has the South Pole facing out.


I have used magnets from K and J Magnetics for my large and small projects over the last two years. I have been very satisfied with the products and the service. For this project I used four pairs of their ring magnets # RX033CS-P.They are 1" od x 3/16" thick magnets.The countersunk hole accepts #10 countersunk screws or machine screws.They are Grade N42 - nickel plated and axially magnetized .They are sold by the pair.



Click on the image above to visit the web site for K and J Magnetics.




A coil with 500 turns of 28ga. wire sits on the wood platform that are subject to magnetic induction from the rotating magnets.



The ends of the coils go to the inside of a short section of pool noodle that acts as a shade for two LEDís (a red and a green) wired in parallel with opposite polarities.


I developed this windmill during the summer of 2010.The image above and the video were taken by me in my back yard.