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(animals without backbones that can be used to estimate environmental condition of ponds, streams, and rivers)



The purpose of this site is to provide information to those who would like to try fishing (or help others become acquainted with fishing),  on an extremely low budget.  This site is also designed as a place to exchange information with experienced fishermen on the art of low budget fishing and fly tying.

                                                                                                Photo by Sue Atkinson

Fishing is a wonderful activity.

It is a door to personal understanding of the aquatic environment.

Through fishing, I am reminded that we are part of the natural world

and that we need to exercise careful stewardship of our natural resources.



Fishing does not have to be expensive!

Low Budget Fly Tying Equipment

  The two vises shown here (with clickable links to their own web pages) were ones that I developed early in my fly tying vise designing and building odyssey. They are among the easiest ones to build but do not offer the durability and ease of use of others in my book. There are complete plans for building three other vises my new book, Behind the Fly, as well as pictures and descriptions of a number of other vises that I have constructed over the years using items such as drill chucks, bolts, spikes, and even chopsticks, fashioned into vise jaws!  All five of the detailed plans for building fly tying vises can be built by individuals with modest skills with tools.  I have led over 100 young people in building these vises including 4-H, Boy Scouts and high school students.  All of them were then taught to tie flies on their vise and  posessesed the skills and tools to continue tying afterwards.


Low Budget Flies

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"Route 206" Woodchuck Fly

The Band-It
It isn't pretty but it is effective.  Thourougly tested in North America bass waters and in the saltwater flats of Austrailia.  The rubber band fly!

"My Wife's Caddis" developed and tied by Vlad Markov of Irkutsk, Russia
Step by step directions for six low budget flies including the Rainbow Dry  (above) by Roy Bartoo are included in the book Behind the Fly.



Nylon (parachute cord) Leech
Mini Mouse
Oversized foam beetle with elongated head with eyelash yarn tail and legs
Mardi Gras -Bernat "Disco Yarn" Fly


Low Budget Fishing Equipment

  The "Can Too" Fishing Rig
Several years ago soda cans were made so that they could be used to quickly make an inexpensive fishing outfit that can be used in place of a rod and reel.  This was called a can rig.  Now the cans are too thin and fragile for this use. The “Can Too” is made from a short section of PVC pipe, and wrist band that makes the rig more rugged and  easier to handle and hold than an aluminum can.   



Comming Soon

Soda Bottle Rigs made from 12 oz. and 16 oz. plastic soda bottles

  Note:      There are some states in the U.S.A., such as Nevada where using a Plastic Soda Bottle  Rig or Can Too Fishing Rig, may be considered hand lining and therefore is an illegal method of fishing.  Using Soda Bottle Rigs and Can Too Fishing Rigs are legal methods of fishing  in New York State.

  Foam/Paper Clip Bobber
The bobbers described on this web page cost  under $.03 per bobber for the single clip version and about a nickel for the double version.  The bobber is easily made from foam and a paper clip.


Fishing Concerns

  Getting the Lead Out! 
Lead from fishing kills loons and other waterfowl.  Go lead free.  This simple change in fishing tackle can have tremendous benefits for loons and other wildlife!  Wire, buttons, and even nails can replace lead in your jigs and flies.  This image taken by Rachelle Engelman shows swans swimming at Hampton Court in England.  The mortality of swans in England and Wales due to lead poisoning was alarming.  The number of swans on the Thames has shown a dramatic recovery since regulations went into effect banning the use of lead sinkers and jigs.
Go lead free!



" Fishermen, hunters, wood choppers, and 

others, spending their lives in the fields and woods, in a peculiar 

sense a part of Nature themselves, are often in a more favorable 

mood for observing her, in the intervals of their pursuits, than 

philosophers or poets even, who approach her with expectation." 

from Walden, by Henry David Thoreau 

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